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Yes, I do believe I mean it this time. It's over, done with, das Ende.

Why, you ask? Well....

Firstly, Tripod is really pissing me off with their ads policy [*cough* below *cough*] so I can't help but wanna just do away with it.

Secondly, there really wasn't much here to begin with. I was about to add some stuff like pictures and the likes, but I'm rather drained of time and energy to do such things. No to mention, the only thing that's really driving me here is fanfiction, and even that I've barely touched on in the past 6 months.

Thirdly, speaking of fanfiction, I've fallen out of jrock fanfictiondom for the reason that I'm just simply rather tired of it. I still love jrock to death and will probably start a different site (NOT on tripod) later on as just a regular old fansite, but I think there are enough sites hosting at least one of my fics out there that you won't be missing me. I think the only fic I still have going on is "Zutto to Eien", which I've still yet to finish - everything else was (filthy, stinking, sucky, though there may have been one good one...) one-shots "One Big Happy Family", which I've already given up on.

Basically, my interests have seriously broadened over the past years and I just wanna move on to give attention to all those other things I love. Jrock has played a big part in my life but it's not the only thing that has.

If and when I do start some new web project, I'll probably be under a different name (I found out shortly after I published it that my pen-name Shizuka Uta is grammatically incorrect -_- though no one complained) so don't start thinking that I suddenly decided to disappear off the face of this earth. I'm merely gearing my energy towards different things.

So finally, au revoir, adieu, u. auf wiedersehen. [G.r.a.p.h.i.t.e] under Shizuka Uta is no more.

- SU

Site Started: April 28, 2001
Site Ended: September 20, 2003